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Our Jasper AI Review?

Hi, this is Matt from copy-ai-reviews.com, and I’d like to welcome you to my review of the Jasper AI content generation tool. In this review, I will focus mainly on content quality and provide some examples of Jasper in action so that you hopefully come away with a better feel for what to expect from the software and how it can help you.

I know your time is precious so let’s get straight to it!

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing assistant. It can produce a wide range of content – blogs, articles, ads, stories, bios, etc. – based on some basic information you provide it. So, you would give Jasper some context and Jasper would generate a potentially large volume of content. At the time of writing, there are many different providers of AI writing tools. The competition in this space is growing exponentially, mainly due to the advances made in the technology, most recently the launch of GPT-3 in May 2020, which has significantly increased the capabilities of AI language tools and resulted in much stronger use cases for consumers.

How can Jasper help me?

From my experience with AI writing tools, what determines their merit is not the underlying AI but rather factors like the ease of use and the infrastructure of the tool. As user input is crucial in the AI content generating process, the user-friendliness and toolkit available are key to getting superior content. After all, Jasper, like all other AI writing tools, requires input and guidance from you to work effectively.

Jasper offers loads of cool features, but none of that matters if the tool can’t produce a good content, right? So, I want to jump straight into what the device can do. In this section, I will demonstrate two ways I have personally used Jasper to generate content.

Example 1: Facebook Ad

One of the great features of Jasper is the range of tried and tested templates available. There are 50 templates you can avail of, ranging from blogs, articles, and emails to ads, product descriptions, SEO titles, etc.

The first example I’m showing is Jasper’s Facebook Ad template. Here, I need to enter some background information, so Jasper knows what you want it to write. The Ad I want to create is for a gym, and I’ve put in some info about the price, key features, and the company name.

Next, we need to enter a Tone. The Tone option is an excellent feature that allows you to specify if you want the style of your content to be professional, witty, friendly, sarcastic, feminine, and so on. Jasper even makes celebrity impressions so you can put in a celebrity like Joe Rogan, and the AI will produce content in his unique tone.

User input fields for FB ad template

When we’ve entered our input details, we need to click Generate.

So what is Jasper doing to create the content, you might be wondering? Jasper read about 10% of the internet in 2019, so it knows all about your niche. If there’s anything new after 2019 that you want captured, you can just put it in the product description.

Here is what Jasper wrote, based on the inputs I fed it:

Jasper has generated 2 output options

So this is the first part of the review where I will express my opinion on the merits of Jasper. Drum roll…

I think the quality of content generation is excellent, and you may be surprised that an AI machine was capable of producing content that was so clear and human-like. Looking at the first output, Jasper has seamlessly reflected the details we entered in the description around the price, contract, etc. It doesn’t seem like the input we fed Jasper was forced into any sentence. In other words, there’s a natural flow to the output. Jasper has produced a second output choice, and you have the option to include more results depending on your preference.

So far, so good!

Let’s give Jasper a more challenging task – a blog – which typically contains a few thousand words.

Example 2: Blog

In the second example, we’re writing a blog for a family dentist. Similar to the Facebook Ad example, we need to feed Jasper information so that he knows what our aim is. We must put in various inputs and the more input you provide, the better the output will be. Jasper allows you to enter up to 600 characters in the Content Description / Brief, so you should fill it up to get the best quality output, especially for longer form content like blogs.

In this example, we’re composing the introductory paragraph and title without Jasper, however, we could easily generate these through AI. The Compose button will start producing content based on where we put the cursor. Jasper will factor in all the information before that point in the blog. In the example below, Jasper will take the inputs on the left and also the content within the introductory paragraph and title.

Blog inputs

Before letting Jasper work his magic, we can use one of the available templates to generate a blog outline. For longer form content, the tool requires a structure to help produce content that spans thousands of words. Remember, we need to fill out that description field with as much valuable context as is permitted.

We can select the template Blog Post Outline, enter some inputs (title and Tone are all that’s needed), and Jasper will provide a list of points we can use to structure our blog. I was impressed with the list provided below – it doesn’t have any repetition, and I didn’t need to edit what Jasper generated here. The flow of points is also logical.

Next, we insert the list above into the body of our blog template, and we can start generating AI content! Jasper has a Voice Command option that allows you to ask the tool to “write me a paragraph about…,” which is a nice feature. Alternatively, you can place the cursor after the paragraph and select the Compose button.

Another cool feature is the Rephrase option. If you’re not happy with a sentence, you can highlight it and select the rephrase icon, which will keep generating alternative sentences until you’re happy.

You can also integrate Surfer SEO for an additional cost. Surfer SEO integrates with Jasper and shows you all the keywords you need to outrank your competition on the first page of google. It tells you how many words, paragraphs, headings, and images you need to boost your ranking.

Do you need to cite anyone for the content that jasper creates? Is it plagiarized?

I think the better question here is how does Jasper even write? It doesn’t print paragraph by paragraph from any source on the internet. It doesn’t even print sentences at a time. It goes word by word, so it’s always original. It’s not pulling from any one source but collecting all of the ideas it has gathered from reading 10% of the internet.

But in case you’re not satisfied and want to cover all bases, you can always do a plagiarism check. From my experience, Jasper’s content passes plagiarism checks because of the process by which it generates content, i.e., outputting content word by word. But for those who need the additional peace of mind, plagiarism checking tools like Copyscape and Grammarly etc. are available.

So, you are good at posting without citing anybody!


There are two different plans available – Starter and Boss mode. The Starter is for writing short-form copy like ad creative and product descriptions, whereas Boss Mode is for writing long-form content like blog posts, emails, stories, and videos. Starter comes with 20,000 words per month; Boss mode comes with 50,000. I have included a table showing the differences between the two plans below.

Jasper price plans


Thank you for reading.

I think Jasper is definitely a strong contender for the best AI Copywriting tool. What sets it apart from the rest is its ease of use and the wide variety of templates and tools available to optimize the content Jarvis generates. The only downside for me is the 50k word cap on the higher pricing plan, Boss Mode. Some of the competitors are offering unlimited words on their higher plans. That being said, quality is king here, and there’s always an option to acquire more words at an extra cost if you run out.

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with this tool. It’s a pleasure to use and you can produce fantastic content with the right input.

  • Quality of Content
  • Ease of Use
  • Range of Tools Available
  • Price/Plans Available


Jasper is one of the best, if not the best, AI copywriting tool out there. What differentiates Jasper from most of the competition is the ease of use and the wide range of tools – template, recipes etc. – that can be used to optimize the AI behind Jasper. The one drawback is the limit on words that comes with the higher priced plan.


  • Quality of content among the top AI writing tools
  • Superb range of template to enhance experience
  • Excellent customer support
  • Free trial available to test all features
  • Reasonable entry price point – $29 pm


  • Monthly credit limit (50k words) with higher price plan

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